The 2017 Busker Lineup is in the works! 

Stay tuned for updates…

 Prospective buskers should contact (585) 500-9314


The 2016 Busker Lineup  – Performer, Time, Location

Alexander Vine   (Guitar and Vocals) 2-5  Oxford Trading

Andy Willoughby – Chordteacher 12-5 Blessed Sacrament Church

Betty Smith (Hammered Dulcimer)  12-5  Blockbuster

Brian Lorenzo  12-5 Brueggers

Brian McCormick  2-5   Monroe Mart (Sumner Park)

Busker Brown  12-2  Turcott’s

Cody Leach (Giant Bubbler)  12-5 Subway

Dulcimer Band  12-5  The Royal Crown

Dunk-Tank  12-4  Person Centered Housing Options

Essence Monet  2-5  Rite-Aid

Fire Safety House  12-2 Hollywood Wine and Spirits

Fox & Hound  2-5  Texas Blues Barbecue

George Hogan (Country and Blues) 12:30-3:30 O’Callahan’s

Great Big Yam Potatoes   12-2 Texas Blues BBQ

Greg Slater 2-5 Dogtown

James Crey and “The Dirty Ruins” 12-2   Monroe Theater

James Ryan – The Anything Project    Oxford & Monroe

Jeff Slutsky (Guitar and Vocals)  12-1:30 New Life Presbyterian Church free community lunch

Jeff Slutsky  2-5  Dogtown

Kaiser Solzie 12-2

Kestutis Stankus (Guitar and Vocals)  Blockbuster

Larry Cieslinski  (50’s and 60’s Americana)  Blockbuster

Logan Miller  12-2  Starbucks

Logan Miller  2-5  Icon Piercing

Mark Foery  12-5  Yeagers

Matthew Corey (Guitar and Vocals)  12-2  Rite Aid

Matthew Corey Band  2-5  Turcott’s

Mike Speranza  2-5  Starbucks

Paul Pitman (Guitar)  12-2 Oxford Trading

Psychics Thyme (Tarot Card Readers)     12-5  Brueggers

Ritey O’Reilly (Banjo/Harmonica)  12-2   Monroe Mart (Sumner Park)

Rob Marvin – Sidewalk Chalk Muralist  12-5   Lilac Laundry

Rockin’ Roger Chenelly   12-2   Archimage

Steven Pavia   12-2 Aladdins

“Subjective Perspective” 2-5  Monroe Theater

Tangent’s Pole Aerobics   12-5  Monroe Theater

Tina Mitchell (Tarot Card Reader)  12-5   Mark’s Texas Hots

Victoria Cooper (Tarot Card Reader)  12-2   Monroe Mart (986 Monroe Ave)

Victoria Cooper (Tarot Card Reader)  2-5  Hollywood Wine & Spirits

Wesley Claire  Enright’s  1-4

Win-A-Goldfish Game  12-4   Park Ave Pets

Wind in the Willows (Band)   12-5    7-11 (at 490)